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Our fuel island dispenses Sunoco Standard 110 octane leaded race gas, 91 octane ethanol free pure gasoline, and premium on-road Diesel Fuel (Diesel available 24/7). We have other Sunoco racing gasoline available by the 54 gal. drum. Methanol is regularly stocked and sold by the 54 gallon drum - $249. Delivery is available.

Racing Truck

SUNOCO® Products Available from Wardway Fuels

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Lawrenceburg Speedway

Sunoco Race Fuel Pricing

Sunoco Standard Leaded:
110 octane 

Sunoco Unleaded Pure Gas:
91 octane ethanol-free

Self Serve Race Gas only available during business hours

Diesel fuel pump on 24/7.

Partner with:

Lawrenceburg Speedway