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On-Road and Off-Road Diesel Fuel

Wardway supplies many excavators, contractors, landscapers and other commercial accounts with low-sulfur diesel for over the road vehicles, and non-taxable dyed diesel for off-road equipment. Fuel storage tanks and pumps are available. Premium On-Road Diesel fuel is available 24/7 at our new fueling island.

Wardway Truck
Expert tank installers


Home, commercial, farm, Wardway supplies propane gas for all needs: 

  • 100, 500, and 1000 gallon aboveground tanks for lease
  • 500 and 1000 gallon underground tanks for purchase
  • 100 lb cylinders for cooking and other low volume uses
  • Forklift tank service
  • Temporary heating
  • Refill your portable grill/camper tanks at our store. Click here for propane refill coupon
  • 24-hour emergency service available
  • fair, competitve prices
  • Prebuy program available 
Sunoco Race Fuels

Race Gas

Let's go racing!

fuel commercial

See the video to the right to learn why we are your choice for oil and propane. 

Fuel Trucks

Fuel For All Needs

Whether it's oil, propane, diesel, gasoline, race gas, or methanol, our truck fleet is  always ready to promptly deliver the excellant service and products you deserve.


Race Car

Our fuel island dispenses Sunoco Standard 110 octane leaded race gas, 91 octane ethanol free pure gasoline, and premium on-road Diesel Fuel (Diesel available 24/7). We have other Sunoco racing gasoline available by the 54 gal. drum. Methanol is regularly stocked and sold by the 54 gallon drum - $190. Delivery is available.

propane truck
safe, reliable, propane delivery

We supply clean burning propane. Call us with your order today!

Fuel Delivery

Home Heating Oil

Nothing heats warmer or more comfortable than oil. We deliver #1 kerosene and #2 home heating oil. Wardway heating oil customer benefits:

  • automatic delivery service - never run out of oil
  • even billing program
  • cash discouts
  • Tank sheild fuel additive

Please call our office with any questions. You can place an order by calling or click here

Racing Truck

SUNOCO® Products Available from Wardway Fuels

Click on product name for technical information. Please call for current pricing.

Lawrenceburg Speedway

Sunoco Race Fuel Pricing

Sunoco Standard Leaded:
110 octane 

Sunoco Unleaded Pure Gas:
91 octane ethanol-free

Self Serve Race Gas only available during business hours

Diesel fuel pump on 24/7.

Partner with:

Lawrenceburg Speedway